Kirkus Review 18/3/16

“The confusion, uncertainty, and sickening foreboding ring true and offer vital insights into the experience of abuse, including the fact that victims had few options, especially in the 1960s.” – Kirkus Reviews

We now live in a world where hopefully people are more aware and communication systems, social media and education are helping to eradicate past wrongs. I have to thank the people I met after my childhood for the support, love. care and guidance they have given me throughout my teenage and adult years. I believe education is the key to understanding and gives one the perspective needed to move on and appreciate life. Trauma is relative to those who suffer it and the situations they experience. Everyone copes in different ways and if you spend your life being angry and hating others, it makes it more difficult move forward, away from the trauma. Love, compassion, empathy, truth and respect from friends and family is the balm to help others to heal. The scars and battles never totally leave you but hopefully good memories will eventually over ride the bad ones.

Part of me is still terrified of repercussions as victims are often judged over their inability to escape violent situations. My adult life has been filled with steep learning curves, wonderful times and also sadness. My greatest joy has been seeing my children grow up. They were happy children and they slept peacefully at night without nightmares. The love and support from those who genuinely love me provides me with stability and strength.

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