Reading, Writing and Riesling Review

I’d like to thank Carol for this review.

The Blood on My Hands: An Autobiography
by Shannon O’Leary, Colin Mackenzie (Annotations)


Carol – Reading Writing and Riesling‘s review

Apr 28, 16
really liked it

bookshelves: own

Read from April 04 to 28, 2016

My View:
A particularly horrific and grim story of ongoing domestic violence and psychosis that is not addressed in the perpetrator’s lifetime – this is a uncomfortable book to read – imagine what it must have been like to endure? And endure Shannon O’Leary and her family did – the depravity here is unbelievable – if the author hadn’t qualified the read with “autobiography” you would think this was macabre crime fiction.
To enjoy or not to enjoy? No I can’t say I enjoyed this read – the wounds, physical and psychological were open, raw and bleed onto the pages – I could not enjoy. Compelling – yes. An incredible story of courage and survival – yes. Can we learn from the mistakes made here? I think this should be read by all in the agencies working in the field of domestic violence and community health; more education and resources are needed in these areas.

Shannon O’Leary – you must be one amazingly strong woman. Whenever I think life is tough for me, I will recall what you have endured.

2 thoughts on “Reading, Writing and Riesling Review

  1. I read your book from cover to cover in one sitting under4 hours. It was compelling reading, left me emotionally exhausted and with so much admiration for you and your Mother. As expected, it was very confronting and I shed many tears and had smiles and chuckles as well. I am not one to watch violence on TV as I get too involved and feel the pain and disgust. In this case, I had to keep reading because I know you came through all of this and I had to follow your journey (hard as that was) I just hope that some of the scars have healed. An emotional journey, and so proud of you for your strength and resilience.
    As a survivor of Domestic Violence delivered on me and my children by a guy who suffered drug induced psychosis, your story brought up things for me that I had not reconciled. It lasted for nine years and I was often in fear for my life. As an adult then, I found myself stuck in a place I could not find a way out of….. Due mostly I think to fear and being paralysed in that situation. I apologise to my children and we acknowledge that eventually we were able to break free. Nothing near your experiences but it made me revisit mine.



    1. Hi Robyn, you are strong and courageous. You dealt with your problem and broke free. You have nothing to be sorry for, because you had the courage to move on. Every person who goes through trauma deals with it in different ways. It may be instantaneous or take some time…but the important thing is to move forward to a brighter future.


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